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Be the best you can possibly be!

Here at Living Nutrition we provide specialised one-on-one, nutritional and lifestyle advice. Practical and inspiring nutritional options so you can fullfil on your goals and dreams in life.

Healthy food isn’t just about carrots sticks and low fat options. In fact being healthy and at your best encompasses much more - how we relate to food, the pleasure it provides for us, as well as what and how we eat, for you and your whole family.

How are you feeling today?

If you would like a consultation or advice on nutrition related matters, please contact Sarah on (09) 372 2922 mobile: 027 315 1165 or email me at sarah@livingnutrition.co.nz.

Sarah La Touche is a qualified clinical nutritionist with over 20 years of knowledge and experience based on nurturing, educating and inspiring people through food. She is a member of The Clinical Nutrition Association and New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

“ We all love to be inspired by what we eat, to be healthy and energised and in balance with our world so that we can fulfil our dreams and what we are committed to in life. This is who I am as a Nutritionist.

Sarah La Touche

Dip Nutrition